Student Clubs and Activities Page


Campus Ministry Team
Moderator: Mrs. Krolicki
Helps to promote our faith community through liturgy, retreats and numerous service projects

Catholic Athletes for Christ
Moderator: Mr. Sebastian
A chance for members of various athletic teams to join together in prayer and service

Liturgical Musicians
Moderator: Mr. Opfer
Lead the assembly in song at school-wide Mass.  Singers and instrumentalists are encouraged to share their God-given talents with the entire school community

Salesian Spirituality
Moderator: Mrs. Henry-Gross
Helps to promote the teachings of St. Francis De Sales, the Patron Saint of Paul VI High School


French Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Casey

Recognizes high achievement in French, promotes interest in French studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

German Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Joyner
Recognizes high achievement in German, promotes interest in German studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

International Thespian Society
Moderator: Mrs. Miller
A theater arts service organization that promotes theater program

Latin Honor Society
Moderator: TBA
Recognizes high achievement in Latin, promotes interest in Latin studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

Music Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Trimble & Mrs. Siegfried
Recognizes high achievement in choir, band, and strings.

National Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Tinsley & Mrs. Hanley
Recognizes qualities of leadership, scholarship, character and service in selected juniors and seniors while providing varied services to the school community

Spanish Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Ali
Recognizes high achievement in Spanish, promotes interest in Hispanic studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students


Literary Magazine (Prowl)
Moderator: Ms. Hinko
Writes, edits, and publishes an online magazine that showcases the talents of our students, faculty, and staff

Newspaper (The Panther Press)
Moderator: Mrs. Slucher
Writes, edits and publishes seven issues of the school newspaper yearly

Yearbook (Imprints)
Moderator: Ms. Kiley
Provides a documented history of the school year in picture and prose


(Although these clubs are devoted to service, all students at PVI take part in service activities)

Going Green
Moderator: TBD
Oversees school-wide environmental projects

Panther Pals
Moderator: Mrs. Schierer
The mission of The Panther Pals club is to provide an extracurricular social/service club fostering friendship, understanding, and acceptance in an effort to enhance both Options students and students from the general education populations self-esteem and to provide greater possibility for friendships

Peer Mentoring
Moderator: Mrs. Desmarais
Fosters interpersonal skills, compassion and advocacy skills for students with intellectual disabilities as well as the peer mentor. Provides meaningful opportunities to be a role model. Peer mentoring is a co-curricular service opportunity

Teens for Life
Everyone who is a part of our school community is a member in this club
Educates students about life issues such as abortion, suicide, euthanasia and the death penalty.  Participates in the March for Life. 


Computer Competitions Club
Moderator: TBA
Enhances knowledge of computer hardware and software through interaction with club members

French Club
Moderator: Mrs. Casey
Provides activities to develop interest in French Language, culture and promotes camaraderie among students in the French classes

German Club
Moderator: Frau Joyner
Provides activities to develop interest in Germanic cultural heritage and promotes camaraderie among students in the German classes

It’s Academic
Moderator: Dr. Rozmajzl
Competes on the “It’s Academic Show” and at other local academic competitions

Junior Classical League
Moderator: TBA
Provides activities to develop interest in classical studies and promotes camaraderie among student in Latin classes

Junior Math League
Moderator: Mrs. Whiting
Challenges students to work on more complex math problems and compete with other students in Fairfax County School

Spanish Club
Moderator: Senor Pazo
Provides activities to develop interest in Hispanic cultural heritage and promotes camaraderie among students in Spanish classes


Moderator: Mrs. Henry-Gross & Dr. Sullivan
Make a difference in our school. The goal is to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion as taught by Rachel Scott. “You just may start a chain reaction” – R. Scott

Student Ambassadors
Moderator: Mrs. Hanley
Official representatives and spokesperson for Paul VI at school and community events.

Student Government Association
Moderator: Mrs. Tinsley
Governs and represents the student body on issues of school policy and academics. Organizes and oversees many of the school events.


Artist's Circle
Moderator: Ms. Wheeler
A Club in which artists can gather to exchange ideas, work and feedback. Whether it be in images, words, or music, all artistic students can be a part of this club.

Moderator: Dr. Rozmajzl
The Cappies is an international program for recognizing, celebrating, and providing learning experiences for high school theater and journalism students with teenage playwrights.  Membership is open to sophomores, juniors, & seniors.

Chess Club
Moderator: Mr. Kochis
Students play chess in a social setting while building a competitive team

Classic Film Club
Moderator: Mrs. Dannemann & Mrs. Fisher
Furthers community’s appreciation of celebrated films of the past (50s & 60s). Club meets once a month to enjoy a film and refreshments

Debate Club
Moderator: TBA
Promotes self-confidence as members learn to research, work as a team,  and formulate arguments. Students have opportunities to complete regionally (not required to compete to be a member of the club)

Moderator: Mrs. Lande
Produces morning announcements through video

Gaming Club
Moderator: Mrs. Marksteiner
Students socialize and interact with one another while playing various gaming systems

Guitar Club
Moderator: TBA
Students interested in playing guitar with others. Both electric and acoustic guitar players are welcome and skill level is not emphasized

Moderator: Mrs. Miller
The PVI IMPRROV team makes it up as they go along.

Intramural Sports
Moderator: Mr. O'Brien
Allows students to experience structured and enjoyable team competition

Model Judiciary
Moderator: Mrs. Kiernan
Increases awareness of our judicial process and allows students to compete as trial attorneys on the local and state level

Model United Nations
Moderator: Mr. Tansill
Increases awareness of the process and purpose of the United Nations and allows students to compete in mock UN hearings with other schools

PVI Players
Moderator: Mrs. Miller
Promotes theater arts within the school and to the local community

Table Tennis
Moderator: Mrs. Horan
Enables students to interact and compete through the sport of table tennis

Moderator: Mrs. Battle
Offers a set of workshops to help students develop public speaking and leadership skills.

VI Man Spirit Club
Promotes school spirit by supporting athletic teams and other school activities.


Moderator: Mrs. Siegfried
Jazz Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, String Ensemble and Wind Ensemble (performs at concerts and other school events)

Moderator: Mrs. Trimble
Show Choir and Concert Choir (performs at concerts and other school events)

Moderator: Mrs. Miller
Various classes covering all aspects of theater (Two major productions each year; provides all technical support for the Paul VI community)

Moderator: Mrs. Bordner
All levels from introduction to AP Art (Produces school wide are shows and provides other creative support to the school community)