The first priority of any Catholic education program is to communicate God’s message of love and to encourage every member of the community to share this message with our brothers and sisters.  Catholic education exists to assist the young in maturing in courage and knowledge to enable them to proclaim the truth as taught by Jesus Christ through His Church.       

Retreats & Days of Reflection

Christ acts on each individual whom He calls. To foster and encourage regular and frequent discernment of God’s will for each individual, faculty and students retreats, as well as Days of Reflection are offered throughout the school year.  These retreats are scheduled each school year to take place during the school day.  All students are required to attend days of reflection.

Various two-night retreats are offered to the students throughout the year to provide them an opportunity for deeper reflection on their Christian discipleship. 

Every student is required to attend a two-night retreat during Junior or Senior year prior to graduation.   This requirement may also be met by participation in a parish, youth ministry, or local church retreat but only if it is pre-approved by our Chaplain.