Advanced Diploma and Advanced Placement Endorsement

Paul VI offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to meet the requirements of leading colleges and universities. It is recommended that students develop a program which includes the specific requirements of the colleges of his/her choice. Grades, strength of schedule, SAT scores, and recommendations are important for college entrance.


Paul VI Diploma Minimum Requirements:

Theology                                   4 credits (one course for each semester in attendance)
English                                      4 credits
Social Studies                           4 credits
Mathematics                             3 credits
Science                                      3 credits
World Language                       2 credits
(must be the same language)                                    
Health/Physical Education       2 credits
Computer                                 .5 credit
Fine Arts                                  .5 credit
Electives                                   4 credits

                                                 27 credits


Paul VI Advanced Diploma Minimum Requirements:

Theology                                    4 credits
English                                       4 credits
Social Studies                            4 credits
Mathematics                             4 credits
Science                                      4 credits
World Language                       3* credits
(3 credits must be the same language  or complete 4 credits: 2 each in 2 languages)  
Health/Physical Education        2 credits
Computer                                  .5 credit
Fine Arts                                   .5 credit
Electives                                    2 credits

                                                   28 credits


Paul VI Advanced Diploma with AP Endorsement:

In addition to the requirements of the Advanced Diploma, the student must take at least five AP courses including one English, one Social Studies, one Mathematics, one Science, and one additional AP course. A full year of Dual Enrollment English or Biology may be substituted for AP English or Science respectively.