Library and Media Center

The Library provides for the research and instructional needs of Paul VI's students, helping them to become motivated, life-long learners. Over their four years at Paul VI, students come to the library for classes, study hall, and individual work. During this time, they learn the research skills they need to be sucessful, not only in high school, but in college and their careers. In the library, students can use print, database, and media resources. The librarian teaches research skills through class instruction and one-on-one help. The librarian and library staff are also available before and after school for individual assistance.

The library has a large print  collection, including a reference section, that covers the curriculum and offers materials for in-depth research. The library's online databases connect students to even more extensive resources, including scholarly journals, online books, primary sources, and other media. In the library, students also have access to up-top-date periodicals, a fiction section, and films.


The library is open from 7:30 to 4:00 daily. There are 26 computers available for student use, as well a printer and a photocopier.

The links in the right-hand box lead to more information on the library, databases, teacher resources, and handouts on doing research and citing sources.