Victory Book

We remember all the members of our school community who have gone home to God.
During the month of November, our church takes special notice of our beloved dead.
We especially remember the following alumni and faculty members:

Christi Chronowski '87
Sean Moran '87
Jill Simmons '88
Laura Buchanen '93
Mary Antus '96
Christine Cutonilli '91
Scott Foster '90
Yvette Lemieux '95
Beth Hogan '89
Jay Bennett '01
Robbie Tucker '98
Kim Burney '86
Catherine Copeland '88
Mr. Jack Hamlon (Spanish)
Greg Kashnikow '98
Mr. Ed Kerman (Band)
Mrs. Louise Saylor (Bookstore)
Billy Ward (Business Manager)
Mrs. Amy High (Latin)
Sister Therese Dowgiallo (Computers)
Whitney Jesmer Clark '87
John Lacson '90
Heidi (Papke) Walters '88
Hayden Rolando ‘02
Steven Archer (attended PVI 2003-2006)
Andres (Andy) Yelicie ‘00
Elizabeth Healy '05
Mr. Bob Connolly (Aviation and Photography)
Ed Uthoff (PVI’s first Building Engineer)
Agatha Milne (attended PVI 1994-1997)
Kelley Syron (attended PVI 1990-1992)

Pete Menke (Athletic Director)
Peggy Ragan (School Nurse)
Yvonne Bradshaw  (Counselor)
Donna Clauss (Home Economics)
Michael Santiago '11
Brian McDonald '95
Barry Bittner (Computer Teacher)
Deanna Miller '99
Duane Homan '89
Gretchen Lips '90
Christine Noble '93
James Vafier '94
Leslie Gooding '95
Jason Willer '96
David Epp '03
Frank DiCocco (Football/Communications)
Serjei Cahuantzi '96
Geneva Wise Lawson '92
Shannon Sullivan '04
Cassie Crickenberger Vegara '01
Jason Dickens '94