Paul VI Summer Studies

Mrs. Kiernan, Director of Summer Studies
Mr. Opfer, Vice Principal/Dean of Academics


Mission Statement
The Summer Studies Program exists to:

  • Facilitate the return of the PVI student.
  • Offer a second chance for those who were unsuccessful, for whatever reason, during the normal school year.
  • Supply the skills needed for advancement in a sequential discipline.
  • Provide enhancement skills to help students succeed in school.
  • Introduce incoming freshmen to high school academics


Summer 2016

PVI will offer summer studies face-to-face classes for English and Mathematics. These are for students who earned a D or F for the final grade and will repeat the course in the summer. Registration for these classes is Thursday June 23 from 9-11 am. See “Repeating a Course” link for more information.

For other courses that students earned a D or F for the final grade, students may take these through Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, or online through Educere (see "Repeating A Course" link at top right).