Cashless Campus Update

The cashless cafeteria has begun and will soon expand campus wide. 

To load money on your student’s ID card click:

If you have questions, please email



About Cashless Campus

Paul VI continually seeks to improve the efficiency of managing a complex campus, and improve the school wide experience for our students and parents.  We are excited to announce the kick off of our partnership with My Cashless Campus in an effort to help both students and parents manage the day-to-day expenses of PVI and Panther life.  

Parent Benefits:

  • Eliminates forgotten or lost lunch money
  • Online access to campus spending
  • Ability to budget school expenses by setting spending limits
  • “Low Balance” email notification available
  • Funds are preloaded by you
  • 24-hour, 7 days a week access 

Student Benefits:

  • No anxiety about lost lunch money
  • Less time waiting in lunch lines
  • Ability to immediately pay for other campus activities such as social activities, athletic expenses, PVI bookstore purchases, and more!
  • Parents should visit to enroll their students. This year, the annual setup fee is $15. Each time money is added to the account a $2 fee is assessed and once enrolled, students can use their account.    When a student scans their ID at the register, a picture appears on the screen for positive identification. If a student loses or forgets their ID, they can still purchase lunch using their last name. 

    All students must be enrolled by the beginning of the third quarter (January 22, 2013).