Tryouts August 5, 6 & 7 - see details below!



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Welcome to PVI Cheerleading



August 5 (8 to 11am), August 6 (4 to 7 pm), and August 7 (8 to 11am) - PVI Big Gym (the "PAC")  

What to wear/bring: Athletes should wear plain black shorts and a plain white t-shirt (no writing or pictures on shorts or shirt). If you have cheer shoes, please bring them. If not, light (in weight) sneakers may be worn. ALL should bring a pair of sneakers for conditioning. Additionally, hair (including bangs) needs to be pulled back in a tight pony tail. No jewelry.  

What to expect: Athletes should be prepared to learn/execute new cheers and choreography, learn/develop jump technique and execution, as well as demonstrate their crowd leading potential. Tumbling skills are not required, but highly encouraged.  

Athletes will perform the material they learn for a panel of judges on the 3rd day of try-outs. Judges will use a pre-determined score sheet to score the try-out. The score sheet will be available on the cheer website for all to review one week prior to try-outs.   Questions? Contact Coach Megan Battle at