2015 - 2016 RETREATS 

Retreats are offered to students throughout the year to provide them an opportunity for deeper reflection on their Christian discipleship.  Retreats are planned to meet the spiritual needs of students living in a secular world.  Led by a Chaplain, Guest Speaker or Spiritual Director, students will have the opportunity to focus on their faith and their ongoing relationship with God now and in the future.  Christ acts on each individual He calls.

All students are required to attend a retreat during their junior year.  Retreats are a prerequisit to register for senior year classes graduation, please see the dates below.  

 Please stop by Campus Ministry to complete a registration form.  The 2015 - 2016 Retreat Fee is $135.00 per student with a check payable to:  Paul VI High School.  In the memo line please print your student's name



___September 17 - 19            Boys Retreat     This retreat is FULL

___October 15- 17                Girls Retreat     This retreat is FULL

___November 5- 7                 Boys Retreat      This retreat is FULL

___November 12 - 14           Girls Retreat      This retreat is FULL

___December 3 – 5               Boys Retreat     This retreat is FULL

___February 25 -27              Girls Retreat      This retreat is FULL

___March 3 – 5                     Boys Retreat      This retreat is FULL

___March 17 - 19                Girls Retreat         This retreat is FULL

___April 28 - 30                   Boys Retreat        This retreat is FULL

Please click here for the Verification Form for a Non-PVI Retreat

Why go on a Retreat?

  • To take some time away from hectic life
  • To grow in your spirituality
  • To learn the value of prayer and contemplation
  • To enjoy the simplicity and beauty of life
  • To encounter Christ reflected in ourself and in others