Paul VI Catholic High School

2014 - 2015 School Fees

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Catholic Rate


Non-Catholic Rate


1st Student


        $ 1,268.00

   $ 17,745.00

$ 1,774.50

2nd Student

$ 9,885.00

 $ 988.50

   $ 17,745.00

$ 1,774.50

3rd Student

$ 7,500.00

 $ 750.00

   $ 17,745.00

        $ 1,774.50

Tuition may be paid in full or in installments (typically monthly) through FACTS Tuition Management

(FACTS Tuition Management will bill an annual fee directly to the family for this service)

To receive the Catholic tuition rate, a Catholic Baptismal Certificate must be on file at the school. 



Fees Due from All STUDENTS at Registration:
(To be paid directly to Paul VI Catholic High School)

Registration Fee                              $ 420.00 Non-refundable annual fee per student

Fees Due as Applicable at Registration:
(To be paid directly to Paul VI Catholic High School)

Graduation Fee                                     $220.00 Mandatory fee for SENIORS

Academic Center for Excellence       $100.00 Non-refundable one time fee for new registrants

De Sales Learning Center                 $100.00 Non-refundable registration fee for new registrants

Non-Refundable Deposit                   $200.00 Paid by new students only, to be credited towards tuition.

F-1 Visa Processing Fee                   $500.00 Non-refundable, paid by new students only

Technology Fee                                   $200.00 Non-refundable annual fee per student (Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors in 14-15)

Other School Fees Due As Applicable:

(May be paid in full directly to PVI or in installments (typically monthly) through FACTS Tuition Management)

Academic Center for Excellence    $1,160.00 Non-refundable fee per semester

De Sales Learning Center              $3,255.00 Per year for one period/day;

                                       $4,490.00 for two periods/day

Options Program Fee                   $2,790.00 Non-refundable annual fee for Options students only.


Miscellaneous Fees Due As Applicable (Not at Registration):

Parking Fees-limited spaces            $200.00 Annual fee

Course Changes                                  $40.00 Due upon request

Returned Check Fee                           $35.00 For each check returned by the bank

Paul VI HS will not redeposit checks returned by the bank. A new check  must be issued plus the $35  fee.

Late Fee for any Payment             $     25.00 Fee for late payments

Additional Instructional Fee          TBD   Fees for AP testing, Dual Enrollment Courses, online textbooks, etc. 

Tuition Refund Policy:  All student withdrawals must be made in person by making an appointment with the Assistant Principal for Admissions.  The Assistant Principal for Admissions will notify the Finance Office of the "official" withdrawal date.  After July 1, 10%  of the total tuition balance is non-refundable.  The remaining 90% of the tuition balance will be dividedover 10 months of the school year (September (includes August) through June.  Tuition is payable for the month of departure for all prior months (even if the student is only enrolled for one day of that month.)


To receive the Catholic tuition rate the following must be on file in the Financial Services Office:

Ø Catholic Baptismal Certificate