Paul VI Summer Studies

Mrs. Kiernan, Director of Summer Studies
Mr. Opfer, Vice Principal/Dean of Academics


Mission Statement
The Summer Studies Program exists to:

  • Facilitate the return of the PVI student.
  • Offer a second chance for those in the community who were unsuccessful, for whatever reason, during the normal school year.
  • Supply the skills needed for advancement in a sequential discipline.
  • Provide enhancement skills to help students succeed in school.
  • Introduce incoming freshmen to high school academics


Summer 2016

PVI will offer summer studies face-to-face classes for English and Mathematics. These are for students who earned a D or F for the final grade and will repeat the course in the summer. Registration for these classes is Thursday June 23 from 9-11 am. See “Repeating a Course” link for more information.

For other courses that students earned a D or F for the final grade, students may take these through Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, or online through Educere.



If taking an online course through Educere, It is important to remember that online courses are courses that students work on at home using their computer. Students will need to spend at least 3-4 hours a day on the courses.

You register and pay for your classes directly through Educere. See below.

Students must complete the course by July 25, 2016! This is the PVI requirement. Please note that Educere enrolls students from all over the country and their final deadline may be much later, but the PVI deadline is July 25, 2016. This gives the students 4 weeks of focused time to complete the course work and the examination.

The final examination takes place at PVI. Mr. Opfer will proctor. Once the student completes the final lesson, he/she email Mr. Opfer to arrange an exam testing time.

PLAN accordingly! The final exam must be taken no later than July 27, 2016!

Register for Educere courses here: