English Teachers


Welcome to the English Department

The four-year English curriculum integrates the study of literature with the teaching of writing, vocabulary and grammar skills.  Genres of literature studied include short stories, novels, poetry forms, nonfiction selections and drama.  Students closely examine works by authors from many countries, cultures and time periods. The development of analytical, research and writing skills as well as the correct use of citations builds throughout the four years of study. This course of studies prepares students to be successful on the college level. During freshman and sophomore year, students study world literature. Junior year focuses on American literature and senior year focuses on British literature.

Classes are offered on the general, college prep and honors level to challenge and meet the needs and abilities of all students.  Freshmen are placed at the appropriate level based on the high school placement test and the eighth grade report card. At the end of each school year the department chair considers adjustments to placement based on teacher recommendation, student performance and writing skills.