What's it all about?


"Campus Ministry is a safe place where students at PVI can join together and share their faith while supporting each other. Without it, my faith wouldn't be as strong as it is today. It's hard sometimes, but I'm so thankful for the campus ministers and how much they care about each student individually and want to make sure that we stay on track even through the chaos of being a high school student."  Maggie

"Campus Ministry is the one place in the school where everyone is welcome and greeted warmly. It is a peaceful, safe haven where you can feel the presence of Jesus."  Kim

"We can spend time talking and listening to one another or participating in a specific peer group. I know I can go to Campus Ministry for a granola bar, a bag of goldfish or a bottle of water.  She always tells us to have a great day and that she loves us. Some days, that is the only thing I need."  David

"Campus Ministry to me is a second home. It's a place I can come to talk freely about my life and know that I am being treated with the same love and compassion as my own parents." Peter

" Campus Ministry has brought me closer to Christ in so many different aspects. From daily Mass to service for others I am forever grateful to how Campus Ministry took my prayer life and daily life, and combined them into one."  senior class of 2017

"God answers prayers but not always on our timeline.  One thing my time in Campus Ministry has taought me is that He is always working in my life and having support and love that helps me grow in my relationship with God and others is the BEST!"  Jacqui 2015





Keep track and Log all your voluteer hours from the summer!  

Do good work and love God through your service!

Hours must be Logged in AND Verified by your supervisor before November 30th at the 3pm deadline for Summer/Fall hours  Winter/Spring hours will be dure Before May 3rd at 3pm



 Wednesday . . . Breakfast Burritos:

On sale first thing in the mornings.  Eggs, cheese, potatoes and a touch of salsa for  $2.00 each. Proceeds go toward the Banica Mission.  Want to order some for your advisory or celebration?  Email us the day before:   YUMMY!



Fr. Michael J.R. Kelly, Chaplain (703) 352-0925 x348 
Joyce Krolicki, Coordinator of Campus Ministry (703) 352-0925 x330
Denyse Kline, Pastoral Counselor (703) 352-0925 x324


Open Chapel:  Every afternoon 3 to 3:30pm, students are invited to stop by and pray with us.  

Daily Mass: 7:10 a.m. every Monday - Friday in the Chapel  

                      8th Period (approximately 2:05 p.m.) every Monday - Thursday in the Chapel

Campus-wide Mass:  Held in the Activities Center at 8:45am - Schedule under Spirituality tab

Confessions:  Every Friday,  students can get a pass from any class. Students are also permitted to go to confession any day as requested.

Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration:  Thursday from 7:30am to 2:00pm  - Contact to sign up for a time slot or Drop in - all are welcome.