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February 11th to the 19th we'll go to the Vatican and take a side trip to Assisi.  While there we plan to visit all four Major Basilicas, walk the street of Rome and be immersed in the culture sights and sounds of this amazing city.  A tour of the Vatican Museums, General Audience with Pope Francis and the Scavi Tour which goes into the archaeological site beneath St Peter's and includes the bones of St Peter is on our itinerary as well.  Great food and shopping, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, gelato and the famous piazza navona in the evenings will round out our trip! Also included is the Holy Steps, St John Lateran, the Vatican gardens, and amazing streets of Rome.  We are hoping to get a sneak peek inside the North American College which boasts one of the best views of the Vatican from the rooftop and will include a private tour from a PVI alumni.  
Included in the cost:  $3195 (all inclusive)
Airfare - transportation (Bus/metro pass for the entire stay)
Day trip - Excursion to Assisi
Tour of Sistine Chapel
Scavi Tour pass
Breakfast and dinner
Tips and taxes
Guided tours
To make a reservation go online to: St Gemma    
Over Spring Break Pilgrimage will be to France. March 23rd to the 31st.  We'll arrive in Geneva Switzerland and spend some time where St Francis deSales was consecrated a Bishop.  Then we head to the picturesque village of Annecy, France.  This is a lovely village with many sights - the birth place of St Francis deSales and where he and St Jane deChantal are entombed.  From there we head to Paris to spend Easter weekend.  Sights include:  Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, Chapel of St Vincent dePaul, Notre-Dame, Montmartre Hill where we find Byzantine Sacre Coeur Bisilic.  We'll visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc deTriomphe, Champe-Elysees and the Latin Quarter! We set off for the Normandy Beaches and Rouen Cathedral where St Joan of Arc's tower is found.  Many stops along the way will enrich our trip and allow us plenty of time to explore. 
Included in the cost:  $3,289 (all inclusive)
All Accommodations 
Transportation throughout France
Breakfast and dinner
Tips and taxes
Guided tours
To make a reservation contact Canterbury Pilgrimages:  800.653.0017 or go online  
 Both trips are open to family members who would like to join us.  And I ask that you please share this information with friends.  Again do not hesitate to contact me with questions at 703.352-0925 x330 


 Wednesday & Friday . . . Breakfast Burritos:

On sale first thing in the mornings.  Eggs, cheese, potatoes and a touch of salsa for  $2.00 each. Proceeds go toward the Banica Mission.  Want to order some for your advisory or celebration?  Email us the day before:   YUMMY!



Fr. Michael J.R. Kelly, Chaplain (703) 352-0925 x348 
Joyce Krolicki, Coordinator of Campus Ministry (703) 352-0925 x330
Denyse Kline, Pastoral Counselor (703) 352-0925 x324


Open Chapel:  Every afternoon 3 to 3:30pm, students are invited to stop by and pray with us.  

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Confessions:  Every Friday,  students can get a pass from any class. Students are also permitted to go to confession any day as requested.

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