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Paul VI Athletic Boosters Club

Message from the President of the Boosters

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

My name is Robert Thibodeau and I am the President of Paul VI Catholic High School’s Athletic Booster Club (ABC).  I am asking that you consider joining the Boosters for this upcoming school year.  


The ABC performs three functions for the student body.  The first and most important is to support the student-athlete.  Our goal is to assist PVI in making all of our students’ high school experiences second to none. The way we do this is to ensure that the students who compete as athletes are supported in ways that bolster their athletic experiences.  Additionally, the ABC is involved in improvements from which all students benefit such as facility upgrade and gym equipment purchases.  The second way we support the student is to support the athletic director and his department.  Last but certainly not least, we support the PVI community in any way possible.

Some examples of the work of the ABC includes our contribution to refinishing the main gym floor, purchasing new bleachers, keeping Panther Paws (concession stand at the stadium) stocked, as well as the indoor concession stand (outside the main gym) stocked and we also purchased a new scoreboard for the softball team.  It is important to note that we have established a fund to financially support the school when they are able to move forward on improving our athletic facilities and fields.

We are unable to do these things without your help as a volunteer for our multiple activities or as a financial contributor.  Last year we enjoyed our largest membership ever and I am truly hoping to add YOU to our membership in 2013-2014.  There are several levels of membership that are available.  To join, please click on the link “Membership Form” which will provide additional information including various levels of membership.  Should you have any questions, my direct email address is 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the games & matches!



Robert Thibodeau